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I love your book and appreciate it because I have some of the bags! Happy to support (it)... it is amazing!!! 

Nanci Ryder

Co-Founder, BWR PR 


“I am very pleased with the 6 pages you did for us in your book, which looks beautiful. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful bag you sent me to go into the collection.“

Judith Leiber



“And, I thank you again for your kind and generous contribution. I will definitely talk about your book and will have it with me ... to promo.“

Rosalie Sayyah

Appraiser, Antiques Roadshow   


“Your collection sounds very interesting as an archive...”

Patricia Frost

Director, Christie's

"I recently purchased Ms. Stowe's book, Exotic Skin, and I think it's great... I have vivid memories of going to the Lucille offices in New York and watching the craftsmen make the bags, of my Uncle Claude's hand drawn designs, of skins all over the place. I even worked in the showroom as a very young boy handing bags over to very elegant women as they shopped. It was fabulous... I appreciate her book (very much) and her love for my family's legacy. 


Son of Peter C. Hahn, President of Lucille de Paris



"Great seller, amazing piece! Belongs in a museum! Authentic vintage Gucci!"


Chief Commercial Officer, 1stDibs


"Mrs Leiber took a look at your book this afternoon and was very impressed with your collection."


Curator, The Leiber Museum


"Truly one of its kind! This is a very comprehensive encyclopedia of exotic skin handbags; great didactics but more importantly, exceptional pictorials. The photographs urge the novice to dwell deeper into collecting these works of art, and the information arms everyone better to select the appropriate piece or pieces. As a long-time collector, the book sent me out immediately searching for another gem that I could not live without. This is the definitive book that collectors of exotic skin handbags have been missing, and now it is finally here! Thank you!"


Collector, Seattle WA



"Eye candy for the coffee table... A beautiful book to be enjoyed in the summer heat under a ceiling fan, by the fire in winter, on the sleeping porch in the spring and fall... to look at, to study, to learn, to fine tune one's sensibilities. This is a book for the collector of vintage handbags, the Duchess of Windsor wannabees, or ANY woman who has swung a handbag over her arm and gone out to face the world. While a novice shopper, I shall become "tres formidable" with this encyclopedic volume. Merci beaucoup for sharing your life's work and passion with all of us. The book is pricey, but well worth it. To quote Ronnie Milsaps, "I wouldn't have missed it for the world!"


Collector, Ville Platte LA


"OMG, Victoria, this book is truly a bible and a treasure!!!!"


HH Advertising

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